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Số ra Số 5B/2023 KHGD EN 
Tên bài báo Symbolic play skills of autism spectrum disorder: Conspectus research and Experience lessons 
Tóm tắt Results of general research and analysis on 14 scientific articles are done based on the international database of Web of Science (WoS), Scopus, ERIC, PsycINFO, and ISAE to determine the characteristics of symbolic play skills in children with autism disorders in children with other neurological development disorders and typical development of children. The research results show that the symbolic play skills of children with autism disorders appear with low frequencies, simple levels, and a lack of creative ideas compared to other groups of children. On this basis, research draws lessons learned and proposes future studies on symbolic play skills in children with autism disorders to consider what relationships between language development and social skills. The symbolic play skills can be generalized for different toys and contexts. At the same time, researching and searching for interventions to develop symbolic play skills for children with autism disorders is an appropriate orientation in the future. 
Tác giả Do Thi Thao and Nguyen Thi Tan 
Mã phân loại DOI: 10.18173/2354-1075.2023-0134 
Chuyên ngành
Từ khoá autism spectrum disorders, neurological development disorders, the symbolic play skills, symbolic play, conspectus research. 
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