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Số ra Số 5B/2023 KHGD EN 
Tên bài báo new impacts and challenges of inclusive education for people with disabilities due to the evolution of ict 
Tóm tắt With the remarkable development of technology represented by AI, the world is moving toward a new era called Society 5.0. New technologies have already had diverse impacts on the lives of people with disabilities. Although individuals with disabilities have limited communication abilities, ICT can enable the use of their remaining functions and effectively support their adaptation to learning and social participation. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities states that the ratifying countries have a general obligation to research and develop new technologies, promote their use, and provide such information in an easy-to-understand manner. However, concerns exist regarding the ICT teaching ability and proactiveness of teachers in charge of special needs education compared to teachers at other schools, and the necessity to improve the issues regarding their response skills and awareness. Considering the significance of ICT utilization in special needs education, it is imperative to review how teacher training should be conducted. 
Tác giả Yusuke Eda 
Mã phân loại DOI: 10.18173/2354-1075.2023-0122 
Chuyên ngành
Từ khoá ICT, Communication, Inclusive Education, Assistive Technology, Society 5.0. 
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