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Số ra Số 5B/2023 KHGD EN 
Tên bài báo case study of independent activities in special needs education: highlighting stability and physical movement for physical education and sports for students with intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy 
Tóm tắt This case study examines independent activities for restoring self-confidence by addressing difficulties related to posture and mobility in a student with cerebral palsy attending a special needs junior high school. This study implemented a physical training program consisting of muscle-strengthening exercises to stabilize posture for sports activities. To promote autonomy and initiative, an independent practice website and training sheets were developed. After the physical training period, the student began participating in basketball and running, which were previously avoided. This study provides insights into the practical implementation and methodology of independent activities that rendered these outcomes possible. 
Tác giả Naoki Matsuyama 
Mã phân loại DOI: 10.18173/2354-1075.2023-0121 
Chuyên ngành
Từ khoá ICT, posture, standing, running, physical training. 
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