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Số ra Số 5B/2023 KHGD EN 
Tên bài báo gender differences in clinical findings of children with autism: analyses using the parent-interview autism spectrum disorder rating scale-text revision (pars-tr) 
Tóm tắt In recent years there has been increasing attention paid to gender differences in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and problems have been identified, such as the difficulty in noticing ASD characteristics in girls due to camouflage and the internalization of secondary disorders. Therefore, in this study, we investigated gender differences in the developmental aspects of ASD characteristics in 30 children with ASD and\or pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) using the Parent-Interview Autism Spectrum Disorder Rating Scale-Text Revision (PARS-TR). PARS-TR revealed that ASD characteristics were found to be higher in boys than in girls, and the characteristics noted in early childhood exhibited different relationships with current symptoms depending on gender. For boys, peak symptoms in early childhood were significantly associated with current total scores and current communication problem scores. For girls, early childhood peak symptoms were found to be positively related to current interpersonal relationship scores. Regarding secondary disorders, boys tended to have both internalizing and externalizing symptoms, while girls tended to have more internalizing symptoms. Girls with ASD tend to internalize stress symptoms, so it is especially important to understand their characteristics in terms of interpersonal relationships and to provide support that does not lead to over-adaptation. 
Tác giả Yoko Kado, Satoshi Sanada and Toshihide Saito 
Mã phân loại DOI: 10.18173/2354-1075.2023-0120 
Chuyên ngành
Từ khoá gender, Parent-Interview Autism Spectrum Disorder Rating Scale-Text Revision (PARS-TR), camouflaging. 
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